• Automotive is what we do

    Elan PR is devoted to offering marketing and media relations plans to suppliers, dealers, restorers, race teams, parts manufacturers and specialists in the automotive, historic and motorsport sectors.

  • specialist media relations for global automotive brands

    Together with our network of partner agencies, we can deliver global media relations and campaigns.

  • more than just brand recognition

    We can bring a product or technology to life through an interesting story or angle.

  • understanding the classic market

    Targeting specific and knowledgeable customers within this sector is as important as any other segment.

  • we get you closer

    We live and breathe all cars and because it is all we do, we get you closer to what is happening.

  • the irrational romance of rust

    To find that special vehicle, undisturbed and forgotten is an experience many enthusiasts long for and want to read about.

é•lan (eɪˈlɑn, eɪˈlɑ̃)

energy, flair and passion for classic, automotive and motorsport sectors.

We’ve all heard agencies say that they can undertake PR for a specific sector. But do they have the insight that makes the difference when pitching an idea?

The automotive, historic and motorsport markets require specialist knowledge and contacts. These are tight knit sectors where the knowledge of a regulation change, a new championship, or who has that well known rally car can make a real difference.  We believe having the right contacts in the industry and within the press shortens the time to get things done and done well.  You’ll find us at everything from a classic car rally, the N24, Geneva Motorshow…..

Automotive is all we will do

  • We can help you

    If you have almost given up on finding an agency that truly understands your part of the automotive world; if you thought you would never find an external agency you could trust to represent your company, be passionate about what you do; we think we can help.

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About us

Classic, Automotive and Motorsport PR expertise

Elan PR was created by Nick Bailey purely to help classic, automotive and motorsport companies to promote their brand, products and services to trade and consumer audiences.

From Twitter

  • Technology Transfer – Can racing really improve the breed?

    We specialise in telling credible stories of technology transfer from racetrack to road; to oilfield, to hospital, to defence application as well as other race cars. We’ll help clients find the best way to reach new audiences, breaking down barriers to enable growth.

From the Summit of Pikes Peak to the bottom of a chalk pit

Elan PR has enthusiasm for all levels of motorsport, helping us to understand where our clients are most relevant and the ability to tell the right stories through any form of the sport. That could be anything from creating a story about saving a classic car from banger racing, to teaching the importance of tyres to a youth audience, right through to the development of an all new LMP2 car.

In a crowded market, looking beyond the obvious is our norm!

That’s why journalists will call us to find that unusual vehicle for a Christmas Track Test or a different location for the monthly column. And we always find a way to tell a client’s story.