We help our clients at differing levels, the only constants are the energy, passion and desire to do something special, month in, month out.

Whether you are a restoration specialist, a tyre manufacturer or anything in between, we offer the same enthusiasm and will meet the objectives set.

Sound engineering, sound explanation

With in-house engineering expertise, our engineering clients are pleasantly surprised that their engineers don’t have to explain technology again and again to an agency that doesn’t quite get it; or why that function is actually important to its customers.

The difference is in the detail

Through our passion and experience, we’ll find a special and relevant way to tell a story about a product or service.  For one client the answer was a case study about the most iconic cars in the world, resulting in coverage in a national newspaper.

The business of motorsport

We have helped a number of motorsport customers to ensure a real return on communications. Much more than race reports, we offer credibility through compelling story telling. Technology transfer and case studies ensure motorsport is a communication tool, not just vanity.

Stock Car – no fluff, credible PR

Through a genuine passion, born from Saturday nights stood in awe at Crewe Stadium, we work closely with a branch of motor-sport that still offers noise, spectacle, overtaking and personalities. A world where fluffy PR would get fenced at the first corner, we have generated coverage for the sport and our clients where no other agency would believe there was a story.

Expertise comes from doing things first hand. Unlike many agencies we come from doing the work rather than just writing about it. This provides a real understanding and consequently, a full appreciation of what the customer is actually facing.

Expertise comes from sorting things out; reworking parts on the production line, negotiating at the purchase cost down meeting, fixing the concept car glitches on the show stand; writing the brief for the CEO ahead of the press interview, finding the cover story for the journalist who has been let down by another agency.Finding ways for our clients to appear alongside the companies they want to be associated with.

Finally, expertise comes from using only experienced people to run the accounts – not just winning the business or attending the monthly meetings.  We know that happens, but believe that hard fought retainers are worth more!