Infographic designed for Strakka Racing and RAVENOL partnership

Strakka Racing announces new technical and commercial partnership with RAVENOL

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Strakka Racing will use RAVENOL’s products in FIA World Endurance Championship, Formula V8 3.5 and Renault R.S.01 categories

Premium German oil manufacturer RAVENOL will join Strakka Racing as a technical partner across all its racing activities in 2016. Strakka will have unlimited access to RAVENOL’s advanced lubrication technology and technical expertise as well as its oil testing facilities which will enable Strakka to closely monitor component wear.

“RAVENOL is a growing oil brand that has already demonstrated its motorsport products not only reduce frictional losses to unlock performance but also last longer,” says team principal Dan Walmsley. “This fits well with Strakka’s ethos to maximise the use of new technology to improve performance and efficiency.”

For RAVENOL, the tie-up offers the chance to highlight its technical advantages in a host of applications. “Our state of the art additive technology allows the oil to retain its viscosity even for extended periods of harsh use,” explains RAVENOL’s Motorsports director Martin Huning. “That might seem a minor benefit but at tracks where you could be at full throttle for over 70 per cent of the time and the oil becomes highly stressed, it can still retain a good seal round the piston to extract every ounce of performance whilst dramatically reducing fuel dilution, right up to the chequered flag. We at RAVENOL are delighted to be joining a team that is so successful across many forms of motorsport and offers us the opportunity to further develop our products.”

Strakka Racing and RAVENOL are kicking off engagement with the fans this week with an opportunity for UK-based fans to win £50 worth of RAVENOL products via Strakka’s twitter feed. “Fans can choose products from one of our 400 product lines that include everything from glass cleaner to automatic transmission fluid,” adds Huning.