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PMW Expo debut for first ‘structural’ ZircoFlex ® FORM heatshield

New heatshield range will offer blend of strength, weight, structure and heat resistance

Heat shield

Cologne’s Professional Motorsport World Exhibition (13th-15th November) sees thermal management specialist Zircotec debut prototypes of its first ever ‘structural’ ZircoFlex® FORM heatshield. The new, more rigid and stainless steel heatshield will enable engineers to benefit from Zircotec’s ceramic coating protection together the strength and ability to form structures.  The first ZircoFlex FORM prototypes, designed to protect drivers and componentry from conductive and reflective heat issues, will offer higher levels of thermal protection than existing pressed aluminium and stainless steel products whilst retaining the lightweight and strength, will be on display in Hall 10.1, stand number 4010.  “Zircotec plan to launch in the coming months a number of hybrid derivatives, each able to solve multiple heat issues including both reflective and conductive sources, providing a compelling mix of strength, weight, structure and heat resistance,” says Zircotec’s sales director Peter Whyman. “In addition to the heat benefits, initial testing suggests that a variant of FORM can provide acoustic damping that may appeal to endurance racers in GT/VLN etc. where noise can contribute to fatigue.”


Zircotec is finalising development of ZircoFlex® FORM but was keen that engineers attending PMW could get a chance to inspect the prototypes first-hand to see how Zircotec is able to offer a ceramic/stainless steel hybrid that can be bent, cut and formed to shape. “We are already fixing appointments with engineers to ‘have a play’ and to understand how we can provide higher levels of protection without a package or weight penalty. In addition to the new product, Zircotec is exhibiting the full range of existing Zircotec technologies including composite, exhaust and turbo coatings as well as technologies to solve specific issues such as electromagnetic compatibility. “2014 has been our busiest year to date with a rise in activity in F1 as well as growth in both road car, motorsport and motorcycle sectors,” adds Whyman. “Ceramic coating is now a trusted technology in road cars and with expansion at our factory, capacity has risen and volume manufacturing, even for composite coating, has become more attainable.”

If you would like to speak to a specialist during the show, please let us know by email or calling and we would be delighted to set this up