NIO reveals all-new EL8 – a smart, safe and more sustainable luxury SUV for Europe

  • All-new NIO EL8 is a smarter, safer and more sustainable luxury six-seat SUV equipped with technology to enhance the user experience
  • Packed with class-leading innovations such as the most powerful mass-produced mobile computing platform to date, ‘light bending’ LED lights and dual chamber air suspension
  • Thoughtful inclusion of sustainable design and materials, including the world’s first plant-based woven suede, soybean foam and rattan
  • Low 0.25 Cd drag co-efficient to take you further
  • 100 kWh Long Range battery, 480 kW dual motor and all-wheel-drive powertrain offers punchy performance to achieve 0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and up to 510 km WLTP range
  • EL8 will be available in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden
  • Download high resolution images and video here

June 14, 2024, Munich – NIO has revealed its all-new luxury six-seat SUV, EL8. The smart, safe and more sustainable EL8 will be available in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden for the first time, as well as Norway, where the previous generation paved the way for the brand’s entry into Europe.

A warm and progressive space for luxury
At 5,099 mm long, 1,750 mm tall, 2,199 mm wide and with an expansive 3,070 mm wheelbase, EL8 offers generous space for six to travel in comfort. Two models will be available, each with a distinct second row layout. The first features a Centre Aisle, 14-way rear seats and wide armrest. The Executive Console model benefits from a smart refrigerator and console housed between the second row 12-way Ottoman reclining seats. Continuing the theme of ultimate luxury, the Executive model also offers a Hot Stone Massage experience in the first and second seat rows as standard.

EL8’s intelligent and reassuring all-wheel-drive system employs 180 kW SiC permanent magnet and 300 kW induction motors with the world’s first dual three-phase topology inverter to improve peak performance and reliability. Delivering 850 Nm of torque, 0-100 km/h is swiftly achieved in just 4.1 seconds. Its Long Range (100 kWh) swappable battery can achieve a range of 510 km WLTP. A Standard Range 75 kWh battery is also available.


Smart safety
NIO’s global engineering team prioritised active and passive safety from the outset of EL8’s conception with much of this development undertaken in NIO’s engineering facility in Oxford, UK. Comprising of 90 per cent aluminium alloy, EL8’s body features front and rear crumple zones that cover 72 per cent of the vehicle’s width for effective dissipation of energy. A total of 24 safety and assisted driving features offer reassuring levels of accident prevention for occupants and road users. In addition there is Smart Safety System – a first for NIO. Depending on the user position and the severity of the crash, the Smart Safety System adjusts the ignition airbag timing and seat belt force limit to better protect the occupants. It is complemented by an array of seven airbags including a 2,800 mm long side air curtain that extends protection to the rear occupants. EL8 also features a front centre airbag: NIO is the only brand to offer this as standard across its entire European range. The EL8’s robust battery is tested to withstand temperatures of up to 590°C for up to 130 seconds, a one-metre drop test and zero ingress during saltwater immersion.

Behind the 20” standard rims (21” and 22” options are available), EL8’s confidence-inspiring brake system, featuring six piston front callipers and Bosch’s Intelligent Park Brake (IPB), offers precise control, generating a maximum braking force within just 150 milliseconds. Response times for the traction control system are also improved – reduced from 100 to 10 milliseconds.


A grand design
EL8’s elegant exterior blends signature NIO design features such as the Double Dash front lights, X-Bar front and illumiBlade tail lights with progressive innovations. EL8’s signature straight, full-length shoulder line delivers a confident profile. Flush windows, fender integrated cameras, ‘invisible’ roof rails, invisible turn signals, along with hidden front and rear wipers, ensure EL8’s sleek and efficient form remains pure.

Intelligence shines through
EL8’s headlights are both smart and safe. New, intelligent multi-beam, adaptive matrix LED headlights – powered by NIO’s onboard supercomputer ADAM – work in conjunction with LiDAR for instant response to light the way ahead. Independently controlled micron LEDs can bend light around corners and react to oncoming traffic, avoiding the increasingly frustrating and dangerous dazzling of other road users.

A focus on families
Supporting families, the EL8 features Child Presence Detection. As well as warning if a child or pet has been left in the car, it encompasses anti-collision protection when the rear door is opened, alongside smart window and door locking. For larger families, EL8 boasts a reassuring four ISOFIX mountings. A specific pet mode maintains the cabin temperature at 22°C and disables certain functions to allow animals to rest safely inside. A 2,000 kg towing capacity and camping mode make EL8 a compelling car for the weekend family getaway.


Sustainability as standard
NIO’s designers placed a great emphasis on efficiency, resulting in an impressive 0.25 Cd drag co-efficient. Other efficiency gains were achieved via the Integrated Parking Brake. Utilising the motor for enhanced energy recovery, it increases overall range and reduces brake pad wear. Sustainability was another key factor in EL8’s design. Inside, EL8 features sustainable rattan, soybean foam seat cushions and OEKO-TEX certified Haptex Interior material for the seats and door trim. Using sugar cane and castor oil, EL8’s roof headlining is made from the world’s first plant-based woven suede.

Active suspension for a calming drive
Befitting its luxury positioning, EL8 is the pinnacle of refinement and comfort. At NIO that starts with a chassis featuring dual chamber air suspension and Continuous Damping Control (CDC) that constantly adjusts the damping forces of the shock absorbers in real-time. By monitoring road conditions, vehicle speed and driver inputs, CDC automatically provides optimal ride comfort with reduced vibrations. The dual chamber suspension reduces pitch by 25 per cent during acceleration and by 40 per cent during braking. Delivering progressive damping, NIO’s Hydraulic Rebound Stop (HRS) delivers a new level of cosseting and soothing ride. HRS offers the added benefit of protecting suspension components by absorbing and dissipating energy caused by potholes and poor road surfaces.


Technology for serenity
With laminated glass and more than 50 other acoustic treatments, including noise reducing tyres and the ‘Intelligent Smooth Stop’ (ISS) feature that minimises inertia to mitigate against the ‘nodding’ effect during braking, EL8 is a truly serene way to travel. The cabin progresses NIO’s second living room concept through the use of warm, clean and more sustainable materials in harmony with technology to enhance the user experience. The 22-way passenger lounge seats, upgradable via firmware over-the-air updates (FOTA), offer a ‘zero gravity’ feature, zoned heating and ventilation, yet are 25 per cent lighter thanks to a new seat skeleton. The Executive model adds a hot stone massage feature in the first two rows to soothe and invigorate. A powered leg support for passengers and six inches of shoulder adjustment for the driver ensure everyone is comfortable, no matter how far you travel. EL8 offers one metre from seat cushion to roof and over 1.5 metres width to deliver amongst best-in-class interior space. Luggage volume is ample for the most active family, too. With the touch of a button, the third row seats can be lowered electronically to make a substantial 810 litres of luggage space available. That’s room for two golf bags or four 28-inch suitcases.

The cabin environment is further enhanced by NIO’s in-car fragrance system. The EL8 debuts ‘Forest’, a new sensory experience that brings the enduring freshness of the woodland inside. Senses are further stirred by the 174 LED ambient waterfall lighting and 23-speaker, 7.1.4 enhanced and immersive 2,300 W surround sound system. It features Dirac Pro and Dolby Atmos technologies to achieve richer, balanced and more dynamic sounds.


Intuitive power
Like all NIOs, EL8 offers a connected and intuitive driving experience that puts the user in control. A true digital powerhouse, NIO’s intelligent Banyan system enables all the smart functionality and is constantly refreshing the rich content features by over-the-air (OTA) updates. If ‘ADAM’ – the most powerful, mass-produced mobile computing platform to date with 1,016 TOPS – is the brain of every NIO, Aquila is the eye, responsible for obtaining a wealth of useful and reassuring driving information. Using NIO’s full-stack technology algorithms, Aquila processes data from 33 cameras and sensors to offer a complete picture of the dynamic environment around the vehicle. EL8 also benefits from the industry’s furthest-detecting mass-product LiDAR. The 1,550 nm LiDAR can reach a maximum detection distance of 500 metres, equivalent to the length of five football pitches. EL8’s 8 MP high-resolution cameras see further with finer detail, detecting vehicles 680 metres away, pedestrians 220 metres away and traffic furniture such as cones 160 metres away.

EL8’s Emergency Video function is automatically triggered by events such as airbag deployment and captures crucial footage in the event of an accident. One-Click Video Recording allows for manual triggering of recordings of traffic violations with Accident Victimisation Assistant able to record key evidence. All EL8s come with a 16.3” enhanced HUD, another first for NIO, alongside a 12.8” AMOLED central display and 6.6” display in the rear. EL8 features NIO’s renowned NOMI Halo in-car virtual assistant with an updated and refined NOMI Mate, available as an option on both models.

EL8 is available in five sky-themed exterior colours and three earth-inspired interiors. Options include 21” or forged 22” wheels, towbar and for the Centre Aisle model, the Premium Comfort Package (first and second row hot stone massage function, second row ventilated and third row heated seats).


Download high resolution images and video here.