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LifeBEAM Partners with Harman Kardon on Vi, the first AI Headphone

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STAMFORD, CT – LifeBEAM has announced a partnership with HARMAN International Industries (NYSE:HAR), the premier connected technologies company for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, to provide high-fidelity audio for the world’s first AI-based personal trainer, called Vi. 

Vi, LifeBEAM’s first consumer product, features Harman Kardon earphones with the brand’s sophisticated design, high-fidelity sound and built-in aerospace-grade biosensors, allowing consumers to listen to updates on vitals including heart rate and its variability, motion, elevation and other environmental sensors. 

Simultaneously, Vi interprets data captured by the earphone and delivers actionable and interactive insights via world class audio technology from HARMAN such as weight loss optimisation, exhaustion level management, injury prevention, running technique observations, stress levels, adaptive training plans and more. Vi was recently launched on Kickstarter, where the crowd funding goal was achieved in only 30 minutes.

The audio capabilities showcased by Vi are the result of a close collaboration between HARMAN’s and LifeBEAM’s engineering teams. The result of that collaboration is a super premium experience for Vi customers with immersive audio and dynamic frequency response, which is consistent with the Harman Kardon brand. Harman Kardon has a 60-year reputation for great audio for the home, automobiles, and a variety of consumer electronics devices.

“We are proud to join the AI movement by partnering with LifeBEAM for its latest venture into the exciting world of fitness wearables,” said Dave Rogers, Senior VP and General Manager of HARMAN’s Consumer Audio Business Unit. “By powering Vi with our high quality audio solution, we are thrilled to become part of LifeBEAM’s fitness revolution. We look forward to continuing to collaborate on future innovations.”

“The inner ear is by far the most rich in terms of blood flow and brain activity, making it the best place to capture accurate biometrics,” stated said Omri Yoffe, CEO and Co-founder of LifeBEAM. “As such, it was critical for us to provide a truly smarter workout experience based on sound, and to deliver real-time feedback to users with an unmatched quality of audio and acoustics. That’s why we joined forces with Harman Kardon, and the partnership is perfectly symbiotic.”

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