Callum Ilott returns to Macau with Carlin for F3 World Cup assault

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‘Unfinished business’ sees Ferrari Academy Driver heading to Macau GP

GP3 front-runner Callum Ilott will be reunited with Carlin for a return to F3 at the Macau Grand Prix next month. The 2017 Qualification Race winner, who hasn’t driven in the F3 category since last year’s event, will race with the team that he made his Macau debut with back in 2015.

After challenging for the GP3 title through the year, the attraction of the unpredictable street circuit saw Ilott accept the chance to return for the 65th running of the event. “The real appeal is the challenge of the track – I just love it.  It’s given me some highs and lows over the last three years;  I’ve kissed the trophies and the walls and I am still coming back again,” says Ilott. “It’s unique; it can be rewarding, frustrating and even cruel but when it all comes together, a decent lap around there is like nothing else.”

After a podium in 2016 and winning with an eight second lead on Saturday in 2017, the Ferrari Academy Driver says he feels the need to return to the former Portuguese enclave. “To have led that Saturday race last year and gapped it, and then not have the closure of the win on Sunday last year is most definitely unfinished business for me.  It’s one of those races that’s now a personal target to win. I know Trevor and the Carlin team well from 2015 and they also came close to winning in the crazy race last November. This could be the last year that the current generation of F3 cars compete at Macau so it would be special to get the result together, a team I started in F3 with. I’m sure we can be right in the mix.”

“We are pleased to welcome Callum back to the team who we last worked with in 2015,” says Trevor Carlin. “He competed with us in FIA F3 so has great experience in the car and took pole position at the event last year – it’s definitely somewhere that he’s got good pace and a score to settle.”

The Macau GP will take place from the 14th to the 18th November ahead of Ilott’s final GP3 race in Abu Dhabi one week later. “The F3 Dallara is a car that’s been such a big part of my racing career,” adds Ilott. “It’s an unpredictable event, anything can happen, but winning at Macau would be a nice way to sign off my time with that car.”


HARMAN Opens First Experience Store in Europe, Creating a Unique Space Where Speed Meets Sound

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The company’s first European flagship store offers visitors a glimpse into the world of HARMAN and its multiple award-winning audio brands

MUNICH, Germany – HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, today announced the opening of its first Experience Store in Europe. Located at Sendlinger Straße 46, in the heart of Munich’s popular central retail shopping district, the new location is designed to serve as a showcase for HARMAN’s award-winning audio solutions across all consumer and automotive categories. It highlights how the company’s heritage of craftsmanship merges with innovation and cutting edge technology in both the store design and the products on display. 

“Our first HARMAN store in Europe transcends simple retail to a memorable visual and auditory experience centre.  It is a dynamic showcase for our family of brands including JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG, and it will feature select cars from our automaker partners that include our in-dash technologies and sound systems. The store will truly be a place where speed meets sound, combining our automotive audio and consumer audio heritage in one place. Through it, we will continue to transform how consumers interact with our audio products and brands,” said Michael Mauser, President, Lifestyle Audio at HARMAN.

“HARMAN is a house of world-renowned audio brands, and this new space is in many ways a manifestation of that house. Flagship stores tell our story and enable us to take centre stage to connect directly with consumers. This is an important step in the development and growth of our brands across Europe and we are delighted to welcome consumers to our Munich Experience Store,” said Ralph Santana, Chief Marketing Officer at HARMAN.

A dynamic showcase

The space is designed to be entirely transformed for various events including lectures, small concerts, parties, etc. – fixtures can be moved, digital displays can be taken over, colour-changing LEDs in the ceiling can wash the space in colours to adapt to every need and mood.

It will feature award-winning consumer products from JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG including headphones, portable speakers, soundbars, voice controlled speakers and much more. HARMAN’s automotive audio business will also feature in the store with a rotating selection of vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems from its portfolio of automotive audio brands including Harman Kardon, JBL, Bang & Olufsen, Bowers & Wilkins. 

Pushing the experiential dimension even further, the Munich Experience Store will enable customers to interact not only with HARMAN’s products, but also with regular musical events, celebrity appearances and car launches in collaboration with automakers, amongst the activities. An additional Luxury Audio Studio is also set to open in an adjacent space later this year. In the Luxury Audio Studio, audio enthusiasts will be able to enjoy and explore products from HARMAN’s exclusive luxury brands like Lexicon, Mark Levinson, and Revel plus it will include a deluxe cinema featuring Dolby Atmos.

A design showstopper

The first of its kind in Europe, the Experience Store in Munich is intended to bring together speed and sound in a unique way. Across a 33.5-metre glass façade lies a modern, dynamic environment that pays homage to Germany’s rich automotive culture and legendary precision. Gensler Architects, whose portfolio includes Facebook’s California headquarters, Cadillac House in New York, and the stunning Shanghai Tower, designed the interior as the visualisation of a sound wave that guides consumers from the front to the back of the store, offering a cadenced retail experience that revolves around the visualisation and emotion of a sound wave articulated through both form and light.

A fitting location

Since opening its first flagship store in Shanghai in 2010, HARMAN has added such cosmopolitan locations as Tokyo and New York City. With its deep automotive roots, Munich was a natural choice for the first European Experience Store. The very design of the store’s interior evokes Germany’s powerful automotive culture and identity.

Becoming part of the local community

As part of the opening, HARMAN will also make a commitment to the local community. Every holiday season, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Munich-based youth athletic organisations. To kick off the campaign, HARMAN donated 25,000 EUR to the International Hockey Federation on the occasion of the store opening. The donation was handed over to German National Team Coach Marco Sturm and some key players from the silver-medal winning German Olympic championship team during an evening ceremony at the store.

The Munich flagship store is open to the public starting 26 September and every Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Falken continues in the fast lane

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After romping to a double victory in the last race of the VLN Endurance Championship, Falken Motorsports is now heading for the next highlight: the team of the Japanese tyre manufacturer is the first customer team to provide a set of test tyres for tests of the new Porsche 911 GT3 R on the Nürburgring race track.

The latest model of the Porsche 911 GT3 R is based on the second generation of the 991 series. The racer is still powered by a four-litre six-cylinder boxer engine capable of reaching up to 550 hp. However, the main distinctions from its predecessors are the improved aerodynamics, enhanced driveability, advanced optimisation to safety features, and reductions in servicing and parts costs.

The development vehicle driven by Manthey-Racing, the Porsche works team, has already been entered in selected VLN races to date; now it will debut at the Nordschleife track – on Falken tyres. The front axle will be fitted with a larger size (300/680R18 instead of 300/660R18), while the tyre size for the rear axle will remain unchanged. In terms of visual design, the Falken vehicle will reference the stunning Erlkönig wrap design which featured on Manthey’s yellow Porsche, but will have the brand’s signature turquoise finish.

The real-life test, conducted jointly by Manthey/Porsche and Schnabl Engineering/Falken Motorsports, marks the continuation of Falken’s success story which began in 2011. The major achievement of the tyre brand so far has been the double win in the last VLN race by Martin Ragginger (A) and Klaus Bachler (A) in their Porsche 911 GT3 R, beating team colleagues Stef Dusseldorp (NL) and Alexandre Imperatori (CH) in a BMW.

As the 2019 model of the 911 does not yet hold valid FIA approval, Falken will be a non-competitive entrant in the SPX class and receive 20 seconds of bonus time per pitstop. Falken stalwart Martin Ragginger will share the wheel with the Porsche works drivers Nick Tandy (GB) and Laurens Vanthoor (BE). Driving duties in the BMW M6 GT3 will be divided as scheduled between Scottish driver Peter Dumbreck and Stef Dusseldorp.

The 58th ADAC Reinoldus Endurance Race will start at Nürburgring on 22 September 2018 at 12:00 noon. The total race time will be four hours.

Falken ZIEX ZE001 A/S Selected as Factory Standard Tyres for the New Subaru Forester

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Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce it has begun supplying high-performance Falken ZIEX ZE001 A/S tyres to Subaru Corporation for use as factory standard tyres on the new Forester (model for North American and Chinese markets), which goes on sale this autumn.

The Falken ZIEX ZE001 A/S all-season tyres are specifically designed to draw out the full performance potential of Subaru’s new model Forester. Thanks to the adoption of an asymmetrical tread pattern, the all-season tyres have optimised distribution of rigidity throughout the tread, allowing them to provide not only the high all-road performance one would expect of Subaru’s latest model Forester, but also balanced high performance in terms of both steering stability and riding comfort.

ZE001 AS

Historic Double Win for FALKEN

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FALKEN Porsche takes its first win with BMW second

Martin Ragginger and Klaus Bachler dominate the 41st RCM DMV Grenzlandrennen and win for the first time in the Porsche 911 GT3 R, ahead of their Falken team colleagues Stef Dusseldorp and Alexandre Imperatori in the BMW M6 GT3.

VLN6 Falken win

The 1st September 2018 will go down in the history books of Falken Motorsports. Already during qualifying for the sixth round of the 2018 VLN Endurance Championship, the Falken duo excelled with an outstanding performance, earning themselves second and third on the starting grid. In doing so, the Austrian driver duo of Klaus Bachler and Martin Ragginger in the Porsche 911 GT3 R enjoyed an exceptional premiere: requiring just 7:57.850 minutes to complete the Nordschleife, the Falken Porsche did so for the first-time ever in less than eight minutes. And with a 7:58.081 lap time, the BMW team comprising Stef Dusseldorp (NL) and Alexandre Imperatori (CH) secured the starting position directly behind their team colleagues.


The four-hour contest started under ideal racing conditions with a sunny 15° C. Into Turn One, the two Falken racing cars took the lead which they maintained until the first pit stops. During this initial phase, Klaus Bachler, at the wheel of the Porsche GT3 R, stunned with a breathtaking velocity, burning yet another 7:56.259 minute lap record into the asphalt.


As the race progressed, a neck-and-neck contest unfolded between Audi, BMW and Porsche for the lead position, in which shrewd tyre management ultimately emerged as the key. Thanks to its perfectly timed tyre changes, Falken kept its competitors at bay, letting it lead the race from the head of the field.


The result was the first one-two in Falken’s almost 20 years’ of participation in the VLN racing community.

Boost your car’s performance by up to 25 per cent using your mobile phone and new Carly Tuning App

BMW drivers can now unlock extra performance in under 10 minutes with a new engine tuning app. Carly – Connected Car, a world market leader in mobile vehicle electronics, has unveiled its first Android app for motorists to change their vehicle engine mapping by phone. Available initially for BMW diesel models, including certain 1,3,5,6,7 and X models, the app has been comprehensively trialled with over 500,000km of driving in the real world. Results from Carly’s own testing have shown improvements in acceleration; reducing 0-60 mph times by up to 25 per cent alongside gains in mid-range acceleration to increase responsiveness, offering a helpful boost for overtaking.

“In the past, if you wanted extra performance it meant a trip to a garage and a time-consuming process to get any improvement,” says Avid Avini, Carly’s co-founder. “Now, with a phone and our adapter, you can do it all in less than ten minutes. It’s simple, reversible and a very cost-effective route to more performance. We’ve also proven the reliability; having driven over 210,000km in one of our own cars with a combined testing total that tops half a million kilometres.”

As well as uploading a higher performance engine tuning map Carly’s easy-to-use app can switch off other functions such as disabling the maximum speed limiter and exhaust gas recirculation. Fully-secure, the app is reversible and unlike traditional remaps, it can be uploaded and restored to standard configuration at any time. This makes it easy to revert the car back to standard at any time but also makes it ideal for those wanting to have different maps; for example, a performance configuration for track days and then return to standard settings for road use.

Initially available for BMW models built between 2003 and 2009, including E8X 1 Series, E9X 3 Series, E6X 5, 6 and 7 Series. BMW’s X5 and X6 (E7X models are also catered for), Carly is working on developing versions for other vehicle brands. Owners can confirm compatibility via a button within the free of charge Carly Tuning app.

Prices start from 160 € including a specific wire and diagnostics connector that plugs into the OBD port.

Common Questions

How much more performance does the app offer?

Performance increases vary by individual car and can’t be guaranteed but in tests with a 2008 E61 BMW 5 Series, the Carly tuning app reduced the time taken to accelerate 60 to 120mph from 32.2 seconds to 20.8 seconds.

How long does it take to upload software from phone to car?

Depending on the car, handset and wire, it can take up to ten minutes

Can I reverse the tuning?

Yes, it can be reversed at any time.

Is it detectable?

When it is installed, it is detectable but if you revert to standard, it is not normally easy to identify it has previously been uploaded

Press Samples

If you would like to try the Carly app, please get in contact with the UK press office, [email protected] or call 01295 780411

Ilott maintains 100 per cent points-scoring run with a podium at Spa

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Ferrari Academy Driver Callum Ilott secured his sixth podium of the GP3 2018 season at the sixth round Belgian Grand Prix held this weekend. Alongside his third place in Sunday’s sprint race, Ilott also finished sixth in Saturday’s encounter and has collected points in every race so far this season. In spite of the consistency, Ilott felt he could have done a better job this weekend.

“I know I should be satisfied with my results because consistent point scoring for the championship is important but I know I could have delivered more,” explains Ilott.  “A collection of small errors, contact and a bit of bad luck on track all played their part and I feel some points and positions were left on the track.”


Friday’s qualifying saw Ilott finish sixth, only 7/100ths behind Anthoine Hubert in second position over a two minute four second plus qualifying lap time. Ilott’s shot at pole on the last lap initially looked on; “Frustratingly on the last push lap I had such a good first sector that it meant I got too close to the car in front, so I just didn’t optimise the rest of the lap. I still have more to perfect in qualifying.”

Cool and damp conditions for Saturday’s race saw some of the drivers struggle to get away cleanly. Into La Source, Ilott found himself almost at standstill as he and his teammates were backed up behind Pedro Piquet who failed to accelerate cleanly on the run down to Eau Rouge. “After I had such a good getaway, a slow start ahead checked my momentum, and then I was pretty unlucky with the track position after that.  Sticking to the outside is the safest option at La Source as there is plenty of room should you need it but it was like a traffic jam and I found myself down to eighth.”

Ilott soon dispatched Giuliano Alesi to be seventh before mounting an attack on team mate Nikita Mazepin on Lap Two at Les Combes. “I got alongside Nikita but on the exit, he ran wide forcing me off the road and airborne. It was lucky I was able to continue,” says Ilott.  “Some car damage and a speed deficit to the Trident cars meant closing the gap was tough.”


Visibly struggling to match the pace of his rivals, Ilott persevered but couldn’t close the gap as the remainder of the 17 lap race ticked down until, with three laps to go, he was able to get past fellow Brit Jake Hughes to finish sixth.

Overnight, changes were made by the ART team in a bid to improve relative performance to Trident. Following a delayed start, due to mist hanging over the circuit, Ilott made a good getaway from third to move into second at Turn One and set about chasing pole sitter Joey Mawson. By lap two and without the aid of DRS, Ilott was alongside the leader heading to Les Combes. Again, Ilott was involved in contact with Mawson forcing him into the run off area and over the kerbs. “The car was really good after the overnight tweaks, and I knew the other ART cars would be stronger and would soon be attacking, so I wanted to get past Joey early on. Waiting another lap for the DRS may have been more sensible but I knew I was quicker and I could see the gap,” claims Ilott.


Having lost momentum with his trip over the kerbs, Ilott then lost two places as his two team mates got by. Undaunted, Ilott charged back and by lap four was in third and closing in on Jake Hughes. By lap seven, Ilott overtook Hughes to go second. As the laps ticked by, Ilott increasingly came under pressure from Hubert in third and just two laps from the end, the French driver was able to get past using DRS with the pair holding station to the flag.

“It feels like the weekend has been more about damage limitation but in reality it was solid points and just a number of minor factors that cost some ground to my nearest challengers,” concludes Ilott. “We remain second and well within reach of the championship. It’s just a week until the next race at Monza, in effect, my second home race and I will be fighting back.”



HARMAN Leads the Way in Active Listening

harma a samsung company

A recent study commissioned by HARMAN reveals contemporary listening habits and provides compelling evidence of the benefits of conscious listening

BERLIN – August 30, 2018 HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets has commissioned an in-depth consumer research study1 on the how and why of contemporary listening habits as well as the benefits of listening to music. The study’s results confirm the positive effects of focused listening and show the extent to which modern listeners desire to not only listen more, but to listen better.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle and ever-changing sonic environment, much of what people hear is more noise than it is sound: appliances, machines, traffic, construction, sirens… The European Union has estimated that ambient city noise is responsible for lowering the quality of life of 25% of those living in Europe. But the problem is a universal one: amid the cacophony of everyday life, are people losing the ability to listen?

Listening is much more than an automatic process, but rather a skill that can be learned, honed and mastered. In a world where stress has become an epidemic, where anxiety and depression are rife, many people feel increasingly less connected to others and less connected to their inner selves, despite the unprecedented connectivity that modern technology provides.

Helping people fully appreciate the power of music is an essential part of what HARMAN stands for—and that begins with raising awareness of the importance of conscious listening. For over 70 years, HARMAN has been delivering exceptional sound in the studio and on the stage, at home and on the go through a portfolio of legendary audio brands that keep pace with today’s lifestyle, providing people with the highest quality listening experience possible and ensuring the time they spend listening is the most gratifying it can be.

“HARMAN understands the positive effects of active listening and has dedicated its legacy to it. When done consciously, listening has clear, quantifiable effects on the listener, many of which are profoundly beneficial. Active listening centres us in the moment, enhances our connections with others, and enables us to appreciate what we hear. We should all want to become better listeners,” said Michael Mauser, President, Lifestyle Audio at HARMAN.

HARMAN - Active Listening Survey 2018

Music matters
Music is not just background noise; listening to music is extremely important to people. Over 70% of listeners across the US, the UK, France, and Germany reported listening to music on a daily basis. For 44% of respondents, music is viewed as a necessity in their everyday lives, while over half see music as a pleasurable option—an impressive total of 94%.

Listening habits have changed
Modern listeners are short on time, always on the move, and prone to multi-tasking. Their fractured listening habits reflect the pace of the modern lifestyle. Listening to an album from start to finish has been replaced by an impatient “snacking” approach in which listeners skip from track to track. Almost 70% of respondents reported listening to single tracks either selected individually or in a compilation, while 38% of respondents said they need less than one minute when listening to a track for the first time to decide whether or not they like it.

A desire to listen more
Connectivity, portability, and the web have revolutionised listening habits; never before has so much music been so readily available. And yet, despite the unprecedented accessibility to music, many listeners yearn for more: more peace, more freedom from the rush of modern life, more “me time” to experience music undisturbed. Around 40% of respondents said that they used to spend more time listening to music than they do now, and 66% plan to dedicate more time to listening to music in the next 12 months.

Consciously listening to music has real benefits
Music has proven physiological, psychological, and cognitive benefits: 65% of respondents said that music makes them feel happy; 57% said that it makes them feel more positive. Music strengthens social bonds: close to 70% of respondents agree that music helps relax the atmosphere while socialising. Music helps listeners to connect with themselves and others: 62% of the sample overall agreed that music helps them to connect with their inner self, while close to 50% agreed that music helps them connect with their family. Music can improve productivity as well: of those who agreed that listening to music at work could help improve performance, 53% said it kept them stimulated, while just over a third said they feel more motivated to perform better at work.

We can learn to listen
Despite the frenzy of today’s high-speed, connected lifestyle, people can learn to move from passive hearing to conscious listening—an active process that involves true presence. Some people are born with a “musical ear,” while for others it is a process of gradual comprehension and familiarisation. Having better audio equipment can create a marked difference in how music is enjoyed: at least 4 in 10 respondents believe that using good audio equipment would motivate their passion for listening.

Listeners seek crystal clear, authentic sound
Not everyone feels they are getting the most out of their music: almost 3 in 10 respondents feel they are not. Having sharper sound from their device was the most frequently mentioned factor that could help enhance respondents’ listening experience (USA: 62%, UK: 54%, France: 51%, Germany: 39%). Many people would be willing to pay for an improved sound experience. Respondents would be most willing to pay more for “crystal clear sound,” followed by “immersive surround sound,” with 48% and 46% respectively providing a rating of 8 or higher (on a scale of 1-10). When thinking about the sound experience respondents desired, authentic sound emerged as the most important factor.

Notes to Editors

1 The Harman Art of Listening Consumer Research study was conducted by FutureSource Consulting Ltd in July 2018. A total of 5,073 interviews were carried out online in France, Germany, the UK, and the US. The breakdown of interviews was as follows: 1,027 in France, 1,020 in Germany, 999 in the UK, and 2,027 in the US. All questionnaires were localised to the country and conducted in the local language.

Falken agrees sponsorship deal with Atlético de Madrid

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Tyre brand Falken has agreed a sponsorship deal with the successful, tradition-steeped Spanish football team Club Atlético de Madrid for the 2018/19 season.

The Spanish club occupies the second position in the UEFA ranking, they are the current champions of the UEFA Europa League and have just won the UEFA Super Cup in Tallin, Estonia.

The partnership includes standard sponsorship rights with hospitality, presence in the Club’s sponsorship area, promotional activities, branding and visibility in the Wanda Metropolitano at all the Club’s home matches in LaLiga and the Spanish Cup.

Falken expects this partnership to help the brand increase its visibility in international markets and address its target audience. In addition, the partnership will be used to implement dealer activations.

Iñigo Aznar, Atletico de Madrid Commercial Director, commented about this cooperation: “We are keen to work with Falken as Atlético de Madrid sponsor for the current season. It is one of the world’s most recognised brands in its sector and reinforces the Club’s commercial internationalisation strategy. We hope this is just the start of a long-term partnership over the coming seasons.”

“The cooperation with Atlético de Madrid is a central ingredient of Falken’s sports activities,” said Markus Bögner, Managing Director and COO at Falken Tyre Europe GmbH. “With its popularity and attractiveness in Spain and the whole world, this outstanding Club promises us above all an enormous brand visibility.”

The new G-Class focuses on driving enjoyment with Falken on- and off-road tyres

falken logo square


Tyre manufacturer Falken will be supplying tyres for the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class from May onwards. The new luxury SUV, which had its world premier at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in January, is fitted with Falken Wildpeak A/T AT3WA and Euroall Season AS210 in size 265/60R18 as original equipment.

The requirements from the tyres on the G-Class are high. The Falken Wildpeak A/T AT3WA and the Euroall Season AS210 have passed the endurance test on the proving grounds of the South German car manufacturer with confidence and are now used on the G-Class.

As well as the durability and long life required for the off-road sector, the Wildpeak A/T AT3WA is also an alternative for on-road driving. The all-terrain tyre features excellent traction on loose surfaces as well as very good driving stability, and it impresses with its quietness, even at higher speeds.

Developed for use all year round, the Euroall Season AS210 is primarily suited to on-road driving. With its M+S label and the snowflake symbol, the tyre can be used during winter in snowy and icy conditions. Its predecessor, the Falken AS200, already impressed Autobild Allrad testers. “High aquaplaning safety, good grip on wet surfaces, very quiet and an acceptable price” are the Falken Euroall Season AS200’s strengths that convinced the Autobild Allrad testers, who awarded the tyre with the test grade “good” (07.2016).

Christian Stolting, Key Account Manager for Falken Tyre Europe GmbH, commented on the G-Class order: “For us, the approval to fit the new G-Class with Falken as original equipment is a very special seal of quality and recognises that we constantly strive for high performance in both development and in production. Of course, we will continue to expand our collaboration with Mercedes-Benz.”

The Falken brand stands for excitement and presents itself in action and lifestyle environments, among others. “Being original equipment on the new G-Class gives our Falken brand an additional boost. Our tyres have already proven their performance in various off-road rallies. It doesn’t matter what terrain – we are already looking forward to seeing the new G-Class in action,” adds Markus Bögner, Managing Director and COO.