The Irrational Romance of Rust

We’ve uncovered those cars, driven hundreds of miles with journalists on the trail of a barn find story positioning our client as a trusted and knowledgeable specialist dealer to source, sell and restore Porsches

We Get You Closer

Every day we are looking for opportunities in every area of the industry. Is there new rule or regulation that offers an opportunity for a customer or can we identify the best journalist for that exclusive story? Staying close and committed to staying close gets the best results

More than just brand recognition

We can bring a product or technology to life through an interesting story or angle.

If you want to highlight how challenging producing a tyre for Nürburgring really is, provide access to the race engineer who designs them and then experience first hand what the track is really about. Not just on a closed corporate session or even open track day but in final practice for a VLN race….

The ‘Smokey Yunick’ NASCAR Chevelle typifies the absolute attention to detail that Elan PR strives for.

At first glance it looked like all the others (it was never 7/8th scale either!) but each element of this was carefully thought out. Every single part was focussed purely on extracting performance and doing a better job. and Smokey worked hard to maximise what he could do.  The aspiration to think a little deeper and focus on doing a better job than the rest is very much our way.