-       Bring garage diagnostics tools into car owner’s control

-       Direct information management and control of vehicle features

-       Access tools once only the domain of garages    

-       Diagnostics App developed for VW group car owners for a more ‘connected’ car experience

-       Access the car’s secret history and previous usage

-       Personalised car setting option



German automotive software developer Carly, a leading specialist in car-focused connectivity solutions, has further expanded its extensive app portfolio, allowing car owners to have a direct ‘dialogue’ with their vehicle without the need to visit a garage.


Specifically, Carly’s VAG App furnishes owners of VW, Audi, Seat or Skoda cars with access to their vehicles’ many ECUs and information stored within them, along with the ability to run diagnostics with accuracy similar, in quality terms, to that afforded by professional garage services.


Other advantages included in the company’s innovative solution for VW group vehicles allow owners to modify the car’s original configuration to suit one’s preferences, such as:


  • Comfort settings for electrical window and sunroof regulator
  • Blinking and beeping when locking/unlocking the car
  • Activating hidden options in the dashboard modules such as Lap-timer
  • Automatically adjusting the side-mirrors to a more downwards facing position when reversing (and returning them to original position when 1st gear is selected)
  • Automatically folding the side mirrors when locking the car
  • Brake pad release (electric handbrake)*


Coding is not the only feature made possible by the software developed by Carly. Access to on-board computer systems means that the app can ‘read’ the car’s previous history, including actual mileage (which may or may not coincide with the dashboard’s information, highlighting discrepancies and possible ‘clocking’ issues), previous owner’s driving styles, average fuel economy, speed and journey times. Crucially, it also lists fault codes (operating in a manner similar to the garage’s own diagnostics system), highlighting potential problems with the engine, brakes, infotainment, climate control, steering systems and many others.


Handbrake release: brake pads on electric handbrakes are ECU-controlled, and therefore need the right software when it comes to DIY repairs or maintenance. The Carly VAG App can control brake pad release of an electric handbrake, avoiding an expensive trip to the garage.


VAG adaptor


The Carly VAG App suits VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models built from 2000, including the Golf (4 to 8 version), Octavia 3 and Audi A3 (8P), as well as Porsche models. Carly’s App portfolio also caters for BMW (incl. MINI), Mercedes, Toyota and Renault cars.


IOS and Android versions of Carly’s apps for mobile phones and tablets are available on Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore, as well as direct distribution via Amazon UK. Prices start at £48.99 in the UK. ‘Fuller’ versions allow for an even more personalised experience. Carly supplies proprietary hardware alongside the software, returnable with the free version of the App, and priced at £44.90 (Android) and £61.90 (IOS) when accompanying the Pro version.